This TINY Bricked area LOOKS LIKE A SAUNA!

This TINY Bricked area LOOKS LIKE A SAUNA!
About 6 by 6 feet with stove, benches..SAUNA?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

As of April 7, 2015

This just in April 7,2015, "boy barfer" sends apology and CARD to "barf cleaners" @ a "Barnes and Noble" type book store. There IS hope for the future generations! You're "underwhelmed"? You think "boy barfer" should have sent/dropped off MONEY? What about the 31 times the “Harry Potter” cast gave audience friendship goals without kicking? Got a 7 word love story? Calvin Cooledge, 1920s US president would have LOVED the brevity. But CC kept his sense of humor even though Woodrow Wilson left him a mess with brand new income tax that would grow like a weed in a dung heap, vets getting "done wrong",etc. Kenyans held an emotional candlelight vigil to honor the 148 people massacred by not-so-peaceful Mohammadans in The Garissa College Mass Murders. Mysterious Washington DC power outage has probably got Obama golfing to avoid the darkened rooms of White House And Capitol in darkness. Does power company have the old "snake in the equipment" excuse? A Syrian-born An-Noor Mosque imam was found apparently murdered by gunshot in his vehicle Tuesday, April 7,2015, in Wembley, North London, his supporters morned him. Shaykh Abdul Hadi al Arwani was the imam of the An Noor Mosque in Acton since 2012, who had spoken out against the Assad regime in Syria. Communist North Korea gave a Gloria Steinem-Led Activity the thumbs up OK. Apparently she is their kind of gal. When a fan slipped up on and "ambushed" Adam Levine on stage, it was a bit awkward but the TV singing competition show judge, Adam Levine, is a gentleman in the first degree and apparently it was not his first surprise or "rodeo". 2008-2011 Famous Nazca small airplane UFO in "cloud" China UFO with huge tail Famous spiralling UFO over Norway and Sidney and Moscow At 3:36 Over Jerusalem - shot up fast!

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